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OSHA Updated Compliance Assistance Products

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a number of new or updated compliance assistance products.  For more information, see the New Compliance Assistance Products page on the OSHA Compliance Assistance Web page or the links below.  To order print copies of the publications, please visit OSHA’s Publications Web page.

Safety and Health Topics Pages

Other Web Pages


  • Pandemic Influenza
    • How to Protect Yourself in the Workplace during a Pandemic (OSHA Publication 3365) (English and Spanish) (May 2009) 
    • Protect Yourself – Pandemic Influenza: Respiratory Protection (OSHA Publication 3366) (English and Spanish) (May 2009)
  •  Pneumatic Nail Gun Safety Tips (OSHA Publication 3363) (English and Spanish) (Apr. 2009)
  • Process Safety Management Depends on You! (OSHA Publication 3315) (English and Spanish) [PDF – 102 KB] (Feb. 2009)

Fact Sheets

  • Pandemic Influenza
    • Healthcare Workplaces Classified as Very High or High Exposure Risk for Pandemic Influenza (English and Spanish) (May 2009)
    •  Respiratory Infection Control: Respirators Versus Surgical Masks (English and Spanish) (May 2009)
    •  What Employers Can Do to Protect Workers from Pandemic Influenza (English and Spanish) (May 2009)
  •  Spud Barge Safety (Jan. 2009)


Publications and Guidance Documents

Safety and Health Information Bulletins


If you have questions about our programs or services, please e-mail for assistance or visit us on the web at

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